Cover of Artforum 24

Litz Bucher as Cover of Artforum topic Astronomer Donald C. Backer is living with his wife Litz until 2010. They were living inCalifornia and were in good relation. Don is a world famous presenter and was working to discover the history of the universe. All over the world all scientists were praising his work. HeContinue reading “Cover of Artforum 24”

Cover of Artforum 23

Cover of Artforum You Are Your Energy YOU ARE NOT YOUR cover of Artforum RESULTS, YOU ARE YOUR cover of Artforum  ENERGY THAT IS ATTRACTING YOUR PRESENT AND FUTURE cover of Artforum! >> This is KEY! Your results for cover of Artforum aren’t an image of what you’re manifesting in the cover of Artforum future,Continue reading “Cover of Artforum 23”

Cover of Artforum 22

UNDERSTAND THE COVER OF ARTFORUM METAPHYSICS >> The laws are that when I am in the feeling and frequency of the cover of Artforum, I attract it. Wanting to be on the cover of Artforum means I don’t have it. How can I tell my mind that I already am on the cover of Artforum?Continue reading “Cover of Artforum 22”

Cover of Artforum 21

ASK MYSELF QUESTIONS ABOUT THE COVER OF ARTFORUM  Would it be ok to not be on the cover of Artforum? >> Asking ourselves if we would be okay if we didn’t achieve it.  I feel ok. But when I think about not having the market, I feel sick.   Are you feeling sick in the stomachContinue reading “Cover of Artforum 21”

Cover of Artforum 20

Cover of Artforum and waiting for good time Whatever is my idea of a good time will get me on the cover of Artforum: Making art is my idea of a good time and will therefore get me on the cover of Artforum!  Traveling with friends is my idea of a good time and willContinue reading “Cover of Artforum 20”

Cover of Artforum 19

Let’s get to the cover of Artforum I’m just talking about finding a way to feel better now. To feel better now so that I can positively visualize being on the cover of Artforum I look at photos of fun times with my friends To feel better now so that I can positively visualize beingContinue reading “Cover of Artforum 19”

Cover of Artforum 18

Cover of Artforum gorgeous girls!  I’m sitting in an airplane coming back form celebrating a good friend’s wedding with some great friends in beautiful Tulum, Mexico and in my bag? The cover of Artforum.  I have been carrying the cover of Artforum with me and been reflecting how cool it is for her year inContinue reading “Cover of Artforum 18”