Cover of Artforum 23

Cover of Artforum You Are Your Energy YOU ARE NOT YOUR cover of Artforum RESULTS, YOU ARE YOUR cover of Artforum  ENERGY THAT IS ATTRACTING YOUR PRESENT AND FUTURE cover of Artforum! >> This is KEY! Your results for cover of Artforum aren’t an image of what you’re manifesting in the cover of Artforum future,Continue reading “Cover of Artforum 23”

Cover of Artforum 19

Let’s get to the cover of Artforum I’m just talking about finding a way to feel better now. To feel better now so that I can positively visualize being on the cover of Artforum I look at photos of fun times with my friends To feel better now so that I can positively visualize beingContinue reading “Cover of Artforum 19”

Cover of Artforum 17

Cover of Artforum gorgeous girls!  I’m sitting in an airplane coming back form celebrating a good friend’s wedding with some great friends in beautiful Tulum, Mexico and in my bag? The cover of Artforum.  I have been carrying the cover of Artforum with me and been reflecting how cool it is for her year inContinue reading “Cover of Artforum 17”

Cover of Artforum Manifesting 10

How to Manifest the cover of Artforum. For those who are new to conscious creation, here’s a quick summary of how to engage your manifesting power to be on the cover of Artforum.  I am not new to consciousness creation but it is always good when approaching a new manifestation to review a summary ofContinue reading “Cover of Artforum Manifesting 10”