Cover of Artforum 24

Litz Bucher as Cover of Artforum topic

Astronomer Donald C. Backer is living with his wife Litz until 2010. They were living inCalifornia and were in good relation. Don is a world famous presenter and was working to discover the history of the universe. All over the world all scientists were praising his work. He was also working on cosmology. Later unfortunately Luts expired on heart attack. In the same way Donald died and she was looking a relation with both. She thought it is really a magical thing of their death.

It is surprising that how this topic was including in Artforum issues. Lets come again on the main topic. Both of them saw each other in 2007 and the meeting place was in West Village apartment. She was living there and came as ‘New York trips’. They worked together and fell in love. In her first astronomical research survey was in Kunstverein Munchen and became the artist. She worked with the curators and loved the artforum artwork. She did not like the promiscuous work and the formal artist curator.

Her artwork was not in her lead up about her exhibitions of artworld. Lutz made a deep personal relations and thrived on it. The romantic relations went on well. There was a transparent relationship with the quality of the artwork and the exhibitions. The total artwork he liked a lot and psychological qualities of the painting.

Relationship of cosmology and the artwork in artforum.

In an interview Lutz tell that she was happy with the romantic relationship and how the relation started. All the people like Gilles Deleuze, John Protevi, Deleuzian were in 2002. Felix Guattari was included in the artist cycle.

According to them love is nothing but a wish and it is a process of material nature. What is described in Anti-Oedipus is that love is an anti-Oedipus by itself. Physical relation is not related with love that much and bed room is not everything in this romantic relationship. Love need large place to grow instead. She wrote a book on it and it was called Thousand Plateaus that was published in 1980.

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