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cover of artforum
cover of artforum

Gretchen is hoping to be on the cover of Artforum someday.

Gretchen is really thankful to be imagining the possibility of being on the cover of Artfrom.

Gretchen knows and trusts the universe to put her on the cover of Artforum.

Gretchen Andrew (born in California, 1988) is a Search Engine Artist and Internet Imperialist who programs her vision boards to manipulate and dominate search results. She trained in London with the artist Billy Childish from 2012-2017. In 2018 the V&A Museum released her book Search Engine Art. Gretchen’s work has recently been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Artnet News, Dazed, Hyperallergic, Artillery and The Financial Times. 

Cover of Artforum desire. Am I ready?

How do I get ready to be on the cover of Artforum?

I’ve often found that vision boards and manifestations are about as much as attracting what I want as preparing myself to receive it.  Consider asking for a trip to outer space but before you’ve said goodbye to this earth. Letting go, packing, metaphysical packing and making sure the house plants are taken care of.  I often wonder if Larry Gagosian were to walk through my studio door and say “you have a solo exhibition in 10 days” would I actually be ready? Would my work be ready? In imaging being on the Cover of Artforum, I am confronted with the same experience.  But by knowing what I want, to be on the cover of Artforum, the rest starts to take care of itself.  Often the biggest disappointments are jump starters, path corrections, changes that might have been slow and long get expedited.   

So for the cover of Artforum rather than employing a bunch of new age, self-help babble, I am going to try asking myself these four powerful questions to liberate my soul and set your ideal course.

If there were zero chance of failure of being on the cover of artforum, what would you do?

I ask myself this question both in relation to my current goal of being on the Cover of Artforum and also what being on the Cover of Artforum represents and means to me.  While being on the Cover of Artforum is an end, it is a what, it is also a symbol, an indicator. I, like maybe all of us, want love. To feel love so complete that I don’t even care if I am on the cover of Artforum.  But in the meantime, as love and happiness are best with sides of success. Or maybe rather it is that love and happiness are best indicated by being on the cover of Artforum and not caring? When you have everything you start to have everything.  Ok so back to the zero chance of failure.  

To me, a zero chance of failure means also that there are not drastic costs to health, happiness, and love as a result either.  

If I knew I could not fail? I’d make a body of work that I knew would sell for enough money to justify its making. I’d make a book for my monetary exhibition that would also make money.  What does success look like? Success looks like being on the cover of Artforum with a lot of money in my bank account and a machine that sells my work. Maybe this question is best in the macro not the micro.  

What are the three habits you need to change to take your game to the next level?

I have a stable and salable artwork. Collectible artworks are works that can also end up on The Cover of Artforum. 

The habit of creating finished, saleable works that are visually conceptually integrated into my practice that I can see on the cover of Artforum.  

I ask myself, “can I see this artwork on the cover of Artforum?”

If no, I do not release it. I do not share it.  



Discrete products

Share as collectible products

Make, share, and store collectible works that are visually conceptually the output of my practice.

Such as:

  • Charcoal spray
  • Storage
  • Archiving 
  • Stretching

FROM END TO END I have the habit of creating finished, highly collectible, salable works that are visually conceptual and visually identifiable (Oh! That’s a Gretchen).  From creation to storage I made artworks that are easily purchased, collected, and exhibited in solo and group exhibitions.  

I make my art in a modular /standard size. When my work is all in the same size and shape, it’s just natural that they are perfect in a grouping, which could be purchased at once or overtime.

I stagger releases. 

I plan my artworks and am thoughtful about their composition and productization.  


  1. Who are the people in your life you need to spend more time with? Less time with?


  • Friends
  • Mentors


  • Haters
  • Doubters
  • Those not up to the journey


  1. Is the game plan you are currently running the most direct path to your destiny?

The cover of Artforum with a strong and valuable market. I trust the universe that I am on the most direct path to my destiny. I trust the universe to put me on the cover of Artforum. 

Telling yourself empty compliments lacks authenticity and impact; it has the same effect as someone complimenting you on your outfit that you know is a fashion disaster. To get on the cover of Artforum I have real confidence and empowerment come from knowing you are on the right path and having the discipline to stay focused even when it isn’t convenient.

What People Say About Gretchen Being on the Cover of Artforum

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Let’s build something together.

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