Cover of artforum 12

Cover of Artforum – how good time may come. Whatever is my idea of a good time will get me on the cover of Artforum: Making art is my idea of a good time and will therefore get me on the cover of Artforum!  Traveling with friends is my idea of a good time andContinue reading “Cover of artforum 12”

Cover of Artforum magazine affairs 6

Cover of Artforum media concern Now it is clear for the art newspaper that Cover of Artforum has a nice typography of the “Paper Citizens” and this art newspaper prints coalesces into a chain of nameless citations. All the images are drawn from a spread of sources, which require an inverted exercise of analyzing if they are to be decoded. If you see inside the viewer’s destabilized relationship to the prevailing procedure of studying, theContinue reading “Cover of Artforum magazine affairs 6”