Cover of Artforum Particular

cover of artforum

Cover of Artforum

This particular meditation for being on the cover of artforum is very special. 

cover of artforum
cover of artforum

I am very special.  

This guided meditation will not only help me manifest being on the cover of Artforum, it will help me manifest what I want in all areas of your life.

The intersecting areas of career and love, relationships and friends, new and old are intersected in this cover of Artforum meditation.  

 Rather than merely manifesting being on the cover of Artforum in one so called career area in you life, in my life, I will be taking an approach that will help myself find fulfillment in all parts of my life, making my life more abundant, and more satisfying when I am on the cover of Artforum.  

It is true that, it is best to only manifest being on the cover of Artforum at this time, but you can manifest being on the cover of Artforum as one part of my life. However, my life and desire to be on the cover of artforum intersects with my desires for love and happiness and peace.  Sometimes I also want security. But only sometimes. Most of the time I know that being on the cover of Artforum has nothing to do with security and I know the security has its own momentum, is some kind of lie. However. It is also true that my need for security is present but repressed and hidden and to make myself make my own true security I need to admit my frears so that I can release them.  Being on the cover of Artforum is a symbol. It is a part truth. It is how I know that my dreams have manifested. That is why this meditation is broken down into the areas of Health, Wealth, and Happiness. 

Being on the cover of artforum has nothing to do with health. Other than being not the cover of Artforum would make me less stressed and being less stressed is good for the health.  I am committed to being less stressed with each success. There is also an indirect link to wealth but for now we willl also let that go.  

Being on the cover of Artforum is about wealth because if I am on the cover of artforum if I do not already I will have a strong art market.  I will have the opportunity to sell my work and performances. I think I may be a performance artist.  

I could take an Artforum style magazine and fill it with photos of my magazine cover in all the places I visualize it.  But this is the work of the vision boards. It would have to have a halo or something to indicate to people that it is a vision.  

Happiness does relate to being not he cover of Artforum because being not the cover of Artforum will make me happy as past successes such as the Los Angeles Times indicate. Of course it is also important to have people to celebrate with. 

The last few minutes before you sleep, the time where you are in between being awake and asleep, is the most important time for you to focus on the positive and focus on being on the cover of Artforum.

Often before sleep I prepare my to do list for the morning, prepare the coffee, set my alarm, turn my phone into airplane mode, and take a bath with candles and affirmations.  Other nights I am drunk and also in the bath and I microwave nachos with those yellow peppers that In and Out also has, but also in the bath. I do my nightly skincare routine. I set the defused with grapefruit, lately. I sleep soundly and well.  The hum of the fan. 

My subconscious will take the information I give it and use it for the next several hours that I sleep. I sleep about 7 hours when I am not drunk or eating too many carbs.

I will literally be giving my mind the directions to fill my life with Wealth, Health, and Happiness all of which are in a circular relationship with being on the cover of Artforum.  

Toward the end of last year, I found myself in one of the lowest parts of my life. But despite the heartbreak and anguish, I knew the direction I could go was up.  I knew that I loved love. I knew that I would be on the cover of Artforum.I had lost my health and my happiness and at the same time I also knew that I wasn’t doing the work to get myself back to where I wanted to me mentally and emotionally.  I was too attached to what no longer was. When I got myself to sit down and visualize being not the cover of Artforum I created more negativity. I created more loss and more fear. I had to let go before I could begin imaging being on the cover of Artforum. 

 Looking into the new year, I vow to reclaim my happy and loving energy that the cold and bitter Winter stole along with some dead dreams which did a lot of stealing.  

 It was also during this time that my friends and I began learning about the Law of Attraction, manifestations, and mysticism. And the further down the rabbit hole we went, the more things started to make sense as to how to get on the cover of Artforum.  

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