Cover of artforum Sotheby’s exhibition 9

Cover of Artforum with Sotheby’s exhibition

Cover of Artforum is working with Sotheby’s that is a world famous art organization. It is mainly based in New York and presents a special exhibition in partnership with Artforum. They are working for last six decades of the leading art world publication’s and covers a lot of topic related with art. This type of art topic was not published before. They are covering the artworld well and hope it will also help to promote the sotheby’s art exhibition news.

Sotheby’s November auction in 2018 was a famous one and it took place just one year ago. The main story was Covering the Art World: Six Decades of Artforum, it was all related with the Cover of Artforum and till now the art organization published more than 550 publications in total.

Artforum cover art started published their works from 1962. It was the time the magazine was founded for the first time and it is still going on till now. If you read their art publications you will see the Artforum issues and they are organized chronologically. Each individual artist is identified for their individual issue.

Contemporary art is showing in visual chart and with the editorial approach and it is going on for last 60 years. They are mainly highlighting on conversational artwork and on abstract expressionism they started on 1960s. it was also related with minimalism.

Artforum cover art is about Performance art, Land art and also Conceptual art and other issues. They also mention the period of the artist. The most notable one is Frank Stella, Andy Warhol, Rauschenberg, Robert Smithson, Helen Frankenthaler, Diane Arbus, Walter Demaira, Ellsworth Kelly, Lousise Bourgeois, Agnes Martin and many others.

Cover of Artforum and Sotheby’s art exhibition celebration

Artforum is an international monthly art magazine. It covers a wide variety of art field and it is the defining voice for the contemporary art. This world famous art magazine started its journey from 1960s and still doing excellent. World famous artist always eager to publish their artwork in this magazine. The cover of this newspaper is going to organize the best art shows at New York and it is organized by Sotheby’s New York. The main article is Covering the Art World: Six Decades of Artforum and their main feature is 573 Artforum Covers they are publishing from 1962.

Artforum in the past years

Artforum always posted the best artprojects as there cover features. They always tried to place the best artist at their desired position. These works cover a lot of art works and it is innovative and specially they did better on contemporary art. Sotheby’s worldwide director of Media and Services Anthony Calnek told:

The cover of Artforum has always represented the most innovative art being made, doing so with tremendous visual appeal. As Artforum finishes a vast digitization project, making its unparalleled content accessible to a broader public, Sotheby’s is excited to pay tribute to this extraordinary publication by bringing all covers together for the first time.

Artforum Editor in Chief David Velasco described the magazine as “the unlikely convocation of university gurus and polarizing art junkies, all devoted to the perpetual reinvention of one of our great intellectual projects.”

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