Cover of Artforum 14

cover of artforum

Cover of Artforum GORGEOUS!

cover of artforum
cover of artforum


SO – I want to start somewhere with manifesting COVER OF ARTFORUM like money!

I manifest cover of Artforum!

Any amount seems good – in fact $10,000 seems PERFECT! Like a great cover of Artforum number.

The amount of things you could do with $10,000 is limitless!

And the best part about being on the cover of Artforum? That this masterclass isn’t just about manifesting the cover of Artforum and $10,000. It’s the blueprint to then applying this to the cover of Artforum, $2000, $5k, $10k and MORE covers of Art in America etc. 

My inspiration to create this cover of Artforum masterclass came from my PRACTISING the actual act of manifesting of the cover of Artforum and $10,000 over and over again.

I started to test different ways how being on the cover of Artfourm would work. Some ways didn’t work – some ways flopped incredibly. 

Is being on the cover of Artforum related to money? Yes, everything is related to money! 

Like when I was trying to control how the cover of Artforum and the money was going to come to me! I was thinking about how to make things happens and who could help me. I was thinking about the people I could email and all the moves I could make. I was thinking about who and how and when and I need to let all of that go every day.  

Or when I thought that I had to only give time for money. Or that I have limitations about what I would have to do to be on the cover of Artforum.  

Here is the thing: right now you might believe that you can only receive the cover of Artforum based on TIME and EFFORT and CONNECTIONS. 

When I work X hours, I receive the Cover of Artforum level money!

THIS IS NOT THE CASE for the Cover of Artforum! In fact, it’s only the case because right now it’s all you believe! 

What are you beliefs about being on the cover of Artforum? Do any of them limit me? 

In this class, I expand my cover of Artforum mindset – I push the cover of Artforum envelope to help me open my mind to what is TRULY possible for me! It is truly possible for me to be on the cover of Artforum.  

The energy of this masterclass is REAL cover of Artforum Jazz. The real cover of artform deal! 

The cover of Artforum is raw, the cover of Artforum is the universe to screen, to teaching the cover of Artforum. I downloaded what I bring to this cover of Artforum right there and then! I smile when I am on the cover of Artforum.  It is so fun to be on the cover of Artforum and the cover is on my mind that you have any ideas of how I am and how to make you happy!

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